Pupil records.

Centralise emails and student files in SIMS for better management and GDPR compliance

Use RecordLink modules to quickly save common document formats such as email to SIMS. Make them secure, easily retrievable and part of your school's disaster recovery program.

Schools using RecordLink benefit from having their student files centrally managed in the SIMS Document Server and protected by SIMS and network permissions. Sanity for the DPO.

RecordLink Writer

The MS Office add-in for SIMS. Link your documents and treat emails as SIMS records.

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RecordLink eXport

Browse students and staff, select documents and export them to a secure folder for transfer between schools and agencies or for archiving.

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RecordLink 4pdf

The SIMS connector for Nuance's eCopy PDF Pro Office – easily edit PDF
files and link them to SIMS.

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RecordLink 4ShareScan

The SIMS connector for Nuance's eCopy ShareScan - Save scanned documents to SIMS records directly
from your copier.

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