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Gearing up for GDPR

Irrespective of what happens when the UK leaves Europe (the UK Government has indicated it will implement an equivalent or alternative legal mechanisms) data will have to become more managed than at present. GDPR comes into effect in April 2018 at which point schools will need to comply with the new legislation. The key tenets cover the right to be forgotten, breach notification, right to access, data portability and privacy by design. Many schools are well down the road, others have made little headway.

At RecordLink we have been working digitally for 12 years and believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of electronic documentation especially when it comes to data security. That's why we're here after all! It is almost impossible in this day and age to imagine a document management system that complies with the GDPR whilst being paper based. That means either efficient use of the schools information management system or the purchase of an additional commercial document management system. GDPR compliance is also going to be a tough ask if emails are left unmanaged on client PCs.

SIMS users have an easy path – use the document management server within SIMS.

Here at RecordLink we have many tools to facilitate both the easy upload of documents to SIMS and easy download. Just get in touch if you need to talk things through.

For an overview of GDPR start here.

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