RecordLink 4pdf

eCopy PDF Pro Office + RecordLink 4pdf = easy pdf handling with SIMS integration

EPPO (eCopy PDF Pro Office) is an easy to use PDF editing suite from Nuance with advanced tools. RecordLink 4pdf appears as a toolbar within EPPO and provides integration with the SIMS Document Management Server. The RecordLink 4pdf wizard, launched from EPPO, allows fast opening of PDF, TIF and JPEG files from SIMS, and a simple method of saving new files to single or multiple SIMS student records, creating any database entries such as Achievements on the way. 

Scan hard copy to PDF and link to SIMS

Easily edit PDF and save to SIMS

Create secure archives of SIMS documents

Create SIMS entries such as Achievements on the fly

Save files to multiple students

SIMS permissions apply

RecordLink 4pdf Licence: 

First seat: £120 pa

Additional seats£34 pa

Unlimited seats: £460 pa



Permanent licence per seat, inc 1 year's manufacturer's m&s: £104 (minimum 5 seats, otherwise £167)

All prices ex-Vat.

To place an order please call us on 01453 882 719 or email

Examples usage

Saving a letter of an asthma diagnosis to SIMS
Many schools now benefit from networked photocopiers with extremely good scan functions. For others, workgroup scanners start from under £300. Equipped with a scanner simply scan the letter to your chosen pre-set network location. Return to your desk and open the letter as a PDF in EPPO . Click on Save To SIMS and save it to the student's record in SIMS, creating the medical condition of asthma as you go. Hey presto. Less paper, more secure information. 

Notifying an LA of a exclusion
Rather than documentary evidence being collected in hard copy and redacted by hand, EPPO is used to easily collate scanned documents. The page drag and drop function is used to pull all relevant pages from various documents into one which can be redacted on screen. The final document is emailed to the LA from EPPO . During the process RecordLink 4pdf is used to open documents from SIMS and save the final submission to the student record, creating the exclusion in SIMS at the same time. 

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We are now confident that we have each document well organised, the information it contains is put to good use and there’s an audit trail

Angeline Lee, Hockerill Anglo-European College 

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