RecordLink Writer

Save emails Word and Excel files to SIMS

By saving electronic documents to SIMS instead of traditional paper based filing, student records are moved from filing cabinets drawers and miscellaneous boxes to a single point on the network from where they are quickly and easily retrieved. Electronic documents take up less space, are protected by network access and password protected within SIMS, are easily added to the disaster recovery archive and are recoverable on the network from anywhere with network access, within the school or offsite.

Save time with rapid archive and retrieve functions

Centralise key information

Reduce paper usage

Move away from paper based archiving to secure digital media

Improve and accelerate workflow and reduce response time

Protect document access by network permissions and SIMS log-ins

RecordLink Writer Licence:

Schools under 500 pupils: £290 pa

Schools of 500 to 999 pupils: £590 pa

Schools of 1000+ pupils: £1150

All licences are per annum and include unlimited seats, remote support and all updates.

All prices are ex-VAT.

To place an order please call us on 01453 882 719.

Example usage

You receive an email from a member of staff or a parent that needs to be saved to a pupil record. Previously you would have printed the email and archived a paper copy in the pupil's file or browsed to the student record in SIMS and attached the email copied into Word. With RecordLink Writer just select the 'Save As' button on the toolbar in MS Outlook and save the email directly to the student's record in SIMS.

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"Quick and painless to install , very little training required and staff have been happy to cascade it to colleagues because it's so handy. I highly recommend it."

Tim Dawson Moat Community College

For more information or to place an order please call us on 01453 882 719 or email us here

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