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What happens to RecordLink writer when upgrading to Office 365 ProPlus?

Not much is the answer - there is no change to the functionality of RecordLink writer in Office 365 ProPlus and you'll not even need to reinstall it. However ProPlus is a little different to standard 365 and it's possible that some Add-Ins may need to be re-enabled. 

The fix is straight forward.

In Outlook shell select File/Options then select Add-Ins near the bottom of the left hand menu.

Find the Manage option at the bottom of the window and select Disabled Items from the drop down menu followed by Go. In the new pop-up window highlight RecordLink writer by clicking on the entry then select Enable. Close the window and hit OK in the Options window to close that. Check RecordLink writer now appears in Add-Ins in Outlook shell.

If Add-Ins are defaulted to the disabled status it is also likely that you will need increased local admin permissions to enable them. This is a local setting that will require changing by your IT support.

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