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A new case study for RL export

Haydn Primary School, Sherwood

Amanda Mead, Administration Officer

RecordLink Export


OFSTED judged Haydn Primary School to be Outstanding in every category. We strive to use relevant and well-priced technologies to maintain our documents and data to the highest standard too. RecordLink Export meets our needs and expectations in every respect.

Haydn is a thriving Primary School with 490 pupils and all of the paperwork and records that go with it. At our last inspection we were judged Outstanding in every area and we work hard to manage our pupil records to the same standard in order to provide up to date and secure information to our teachers and SLT. As part of our key Visions and Values we also share a strong environmentally aware ethos with the pupils, for example we scan our post and keep digital files digital rather than printing and filing. These two factors underlie our aim of using less paper and explain our use of the SIMS document management server to manage our student files rather than relying on hard copies.

The main use for RecordLink Export is at year-end when we create a password protected folder of pupil documents for each of our Secondary schools. We email the password protected export alongside the data that we send via CTF and send a second email with the password. Each export contains a named folder for every pupil moving to that school and all of the documents are automatically renamed to contain the pupil name and document details. I use the same process for any pupil moving school mid-year too.

We feed into twelve Secondary Schools with the export for each taking me about ten minutes to run and share, so the time saving is around two working days each time. Previously we collated the 20 to 30 documents for every pupil by hand and then posted the hard copies which was time consuming and expensive in itself, not to mention a little uninteresting.

After the export has been shared the export files are archived on our network to fulfil our document retention mandate.

And that’s it. RecordLink Export is very easy to install and use and the whole process is so straightforward.

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