CASE STUDY: Hockerill Anglo-European College

Angeline Lee, Administrator

RecordLink Writer, RecordLink4PDF

The students at Hockerill are passionate about using less paper and that’s reflected in the greening of the processes within the school too. I don’t like paper. It’s difficult to track and manage - not to mention expensive in both the cost of resources and our time. So it’s important that as much as possible we communicate digitally and make our infrastructure work for us.

Incoming paper correspondence is scanned as soon as possible and saved to student records where relevant. This is achieved by scanning to a folder and then saving to SIMS using RL4DPF once we have added any notes or edits. Typically these will be absence requests from parents or notifications of medical conditions – particularly important if they indicate special consideration for the International Baccalaureate. If hard copy letters are sent to parents we’ll print those first to PDF and save that to the record with RL4PDF.

Likewise incoming and outgoing email traffic is saved to where it’s needed, and that’s in the SIMS Linked Documents where it presents a single reliable view of a student that stays with them as they move through the school. It’s so much better than having paper copies or emails saved on a local PC without any link to the student.

We save most of the emails sent to parents particularly those relating to such issues as detentions and congratulations. A lot of our communication with parents is by email and we’ll save the incoming messages too. We use RecordLink Writer to do this. I find it intuitive to use and love having it.

I save over an hour a day by using RecordLink tools, which means between us the software we use pays for itself every 2-3 weeks. More importantly by saving our documents to a central location we have found that we have a more complete student record on SIMS. We’ve also liberated space and streamlined our working practices and when we get inspected we are confident that we have each document well organised, the information it contains is put to good use and there’s an audit trail.

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